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12V Strip Lights 6 Pcs White Bar Boats Car Interior LED Lamp Waterproof

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    Easy to install 

    Low power consumption 

    Stable quality 

    Ultra-thin and stylish

    Voltage: 12VDC.


     good sealing performance; dust-proof; collision-proof; splash-proof; safe and reliable.

    High brightness.

    Energy saving, completely waterproof, shockproof, shockproof and dustproof.

    Safety: 12V safety voltage, double insulation, no harm to human body when used in rain water.

    Longevity: The service life of the light source is 50,000 to 100,000 hours.

    Simple installation: one positive pole and one negative pole can be used as daytime running lights or rogue reversing lights.

    Completely waterproof. The whole set can be immersed in water.

    Installation Method:

    Connect to the original car circuit ACC, the car starts to light up, and the flame goes out.

    Connect the small light line, that is, the daytime running light will be on when the small light is turned on.

    Connect the fog lamp line, that is, turn on the fog lamp and the daytime running light will light up.

    Connect the reversing light line, that is, turn on the reversing light, and the daytime running light will be on.

    Fixing method: 

    The daytime running lights are packaged with double-sided tape. Clean up the veneer surface before attaching. After heating the double-sided tape with a fan, stick one side on the back of the daytime

          running light and the other side on the car installation position.

    Package includes:

    6 Pcs White Strip Lights 

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