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5M 1200LEDS 24V 3014 SMD LED Strip 12-14LM 240LED/M Gold Line LED Ribbon LED Tape Light Cool White Warm White Natural White

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    Welcome to our shop
    You enter the page of our products will find that the price of this product than the search bar with the other price is much more expensive, our products for the following reasons,
    1, we use this lamp is a bright light beads, lamp beads chip is a large size brand chip and copper bracket at the end of the lamp beads of light failure and the relative life will be better. Single white light lumens are 12-14LM Gold wire copper bracket lamp beads .
    2, we use the lamp with a thick copper PCB double panel, thick copper PCB board makes the lamp with better heat, light with the flexibility will be better.
    Now our company has upgraded our product. Now we have adopted a larger chip size LED lamp bead. The service life and light decay of the product have been improved. The RA of the current product has been greatly improved compared with the previous style. Now it is naturally white. RA>90, the thickness of the copper PCB substrate is 30% thicker than the thickness of the previous product, and the heat dissipation of the product is also improved. The current adhesive is made of genuine high temperature resistant 3M double-sided adhesive.
    Package Content
     5meters /1 Roll (not include adapter and controller)
    Product Name: Highlighted 3014 LED Strip
    Input: 24V
    Led Qty: 240leds/m
    Lumens: White light  12-14LM
    Power: 24W / 1meter Since the data obtained by the test machine is different, we use an average value of about 24W.
    Color Tempreture:
    Warm White:2700K-3200K       Ra >80
    Natural White:4000K-4500K      Ra >90
    White:6000K-6500K    Ra >80
    ColdWhite:12000K-15000K     Ra >70
     Size: 500cm(5M) x 10mm x 0.2cm
     1.Well and High Quality Control
     2.Prompt Delivery
     3.Competitive Prices                     
     4.Free shipping China Post Air Mail,and have a deep discounts by other Shipping Company
    Product Features:
     1. Bright 3014 SMD LED, high intensity and reliability.
     2. Long life span 50,000 hours
     3. Soldered by pieces, packed with 5 meter.
     4. Flexible ribbon for curving around bends
     5.Completely smooth and even light spread, solving the uneven luminous problem
     6.Ultra-bright but running at low temperature
     7.Low power consumption
     1.Ideal for decoration of building outlines, landscape illumination, amusement themes,
     2.Holiday light sculpture, decorative figure, active signs, displays, shop windows
     3.And storefronts, bar, nightclub, street, sidewalk, deck, park, porch, staircase, railing, ceiling, or driveway.
    ​Please buy waterproof products Customers note that the color temperature of waterproof products than non-waterproof color temperature have increased, after the light integration ball test,
    Warm white color ,  waterproofthe color is not so yellow after dispensing.
     Natural white products,    waterproof after the color looks like white.
    White products . Epoxy color after looking like cold white, there are some bluer.
    Cool white products, Drip the color after looking more blue.
    If you have any questions please feel free to contact us
    About power
    The power marked by ours is the power after one meter of electricity is energized, as shown below. The product’s power is about 24W. If you use a product that lights up 5 meters, the power per meter product is less than 24W, please know that our product is a constant pressure product, the longer the product is used, the greater the pressure drop of the product. If you use a product that is 5 meters or more, we recommend welding two power cords at the end of the product, and then connect the power cord at the end to the power supply. Although there will still be a pressure drop, the effect of the lamp will be much better. It is much better that the brightness of one end of the power cord is higher than the brightness of the tail lamp. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. Thank you
    Integrating sphere test
    Test length is 1 meter
    This product is usually used with 101 resistors, the brightness of the product is very bright, but the disadvantage is that the product generates large heat, high power, and large light attenuation. Our product uses 121 resistors, because it uses large chips and high-brightness lamp beads. The brightness of the product is sufficient, plus a thick PCB copper substrate and genuine 3M heat-resistant double-sided tape, which is the best choice for the long-term service life of the product.
    The upgrade model uses a copper PCB substrate that is 30% thicker than the previous model. Product heat dissipation performance is better
     Genuine 3M high temperature double-sided adhesive, temperature resistance 149 °, long-term temperature resistance 93 °
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    Application scenario
    mmexport1531560625973 mmexport1531560628249 mmexport1531560630847 mmexport1531560633244 mmexport1531560635730 mmexport1531560638359 mmexport1531560641568


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