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DC5V WS2812B Led Strip Lights Individually Addressable Energy Saving Lamp RGB Smart Pixels Black White PCB Waterproof IP30/65/67

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    DC5V WS2812B Led Strip Lights Individually Addressable Energy Saving Lamp RGB Smart Pixels Black White PCB Waterproof IP30/65/67

    Pay Attention
    (Important: WS2812B Must Work With 5V LED Power Supply,Over DC5.5V Will Burn Led Strip)

    1. Led strip welded by 0.5m is very normal in an electronic product,not a quality problem.if you mind this, do not place order!
    2. WS2812B Led strip can be cut buy every “one” led chip!
    3. IP30: Non- Waterproof
    IP65: Waterproof in Silicon Coating
    IP67: Waterproof in SiliconTube
    4. WS2812B Led Strip Work With DC5V Led Power Supply,And it must need a WS2812B Led Controller Control it
    If the order no more than $5 ,no tracking number !!

    About how to choose Led Power
    Calculated The Whole Led Strip Watts:

    1.One Led Chip is About 0.2W,If You Buy is 5m 30Leds/m(Total Led Strip is 150Leds) ,So 0.2W*150=30W
    2.And This Led Strip Work 5V,So 30W / 5V=6A,We Know This Led Strip Better at Least 6A……

    Product Decsription:

    1. WS2812B Led Strip is Powered By “5V Power Supply” (Not Included) And Is Controlled By A Single Data Line From A Suitable Controller (Not Included).

    2. 3-Pin JST Connector Included: Red:VCC, Withe:GND, Green:DATA.

    3. The Strip Has 3M Adhesive Tape On The Back(Except Ip67). Installation Surface Must Be Smooth, Clean And Dry.

    4. Led Strip Can Be Cut Between Every Led To Create Custom Lengths.

    5. Do Not Bend Strip Sharply.

    6. Longer Runs Should Be Powered From Both Ends To Reduce Voltage Drop.

    7. 3-Pin JST Connector Wire is 20AWG.

    Products Application:
    WS2812B Dream Color Strips Can Be Used For TV Hotel, KTV, Bar, Game Room And Other Leisure, Entertainment Decoration To Heighten The Atmosphere, Car Chassis, Car Decoration, Shop Decoration, Home Decoration And Other Decoration.

    Product Details:
    Input Voltage: DC5V
    Power: 30Leds/m—-6Watt/meter
    LED Resource: WS2812B Led(5050 SMD RGB LED With Built-in Improved Version Of WS2811 IC)
    LED: Each Led is Separately Controlled
    IC Type: Improved Version WS2812 IC(Built Inside The 5050SMD RGB LED)
    Of IC: 1 IC Drives 1 Led Chip
    Pixels: 30/60/100/144/Meters
    Pitch: 16.6mm(1000/64)
    Grey Scale: 256
    Bits/Color: 8-Bits/Color
    FPC Width: 30Leds/m—-10mm
    FPC color: Black/White
    Protection Rate: IP30/ IP65 /IP67
    Colors: Full Color RGB, Dream Color Changing
    Cuttable: Every LED is Cuttable
    Package:In Anti-Static Bag,IP30 IP65 With 3M Adhensive Tape On The Back(IP67 Without 3M Adhensive)

    Package Include:
    1m/2m/3m/4m/5m WS2812B Led Strip

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