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Free Shipping 50pcs 9mm GREEN/White/Red/Blue/Yellow Light Diffused LED Pixel Single Color Waterproof 5Vdc


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  • Description

    LED Single Color Pixel Light 9mm DC5V Red/White/Green/White/Yellow Outdoor Waterproof IP68

    D9 mm


    • Weight:100g
    • Working voltage: DC 5V
    • Working current: 20MA
    • Power: 0.1W/LED
    • Working temperature: -40°C- 60
    • IP grade: IP68
    • Dimension: 9 mm
    • Lifespan: MTBF>50000h
    • Viewing angle: > 90 
    • IC: without ic
    • Colors: single colorred/white/green/yellow/blue


    • Outdoor advertising,
    • Christmas decoration.
    • Cove Lighting
    • Path and contour lighting
    • Backlight for signage/ letters
    • Architectural lights for Canopy, Window,Corridor,  Archwa
    • DIY Lights for home use
    • Marine light
    • Task lighting
    • Replacement of Fluorescent light
    • Decorative lights for holiday, event, show, exhibition



    1. Exposed word to choose IP68 Glue and durable, 2–3 years no problem. If you choose injection die casting, can sustain a summer to a winter Amitabha. Because the injection die casting, after experiencing high temperature cold, no waterproof performance, the rain, the circuit immediately damp, IC quickly burned.

    2. This lamp is DC5V, do not reverse the positive and negative;

    3. In order to maintain color consistency, add string lights are powered head and tail;


    4. Please note that distinguish the signal terminals in and out




    D9 mmD9 R 1

    D9 B 1D9 W1D9 Y 2

    Package Including:

    50pcs* LED 9mm Pixel Module with IP68


    (If you want other IC or models,please feel free to contact us,working time is 9:00am to 10:00pm)

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