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SuperFire HL06-A Mini LED Headlamp AAA Battery 500 Lumen 5 Modes Headlight Head Lamp with Motion Sensor Camping Fishing Lantern

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  • Description

    Brand upgrade

    Due to the brand upgrade, we will send new and old versions randomly, thank you for your support!

    Product Information

    * Lamp beads: XG2

    * Power: 5W

    * Lighting Mode: 5 Modes

    * Maximum lighting distance: about 200 M

    * Running time: about 7H

    * Battery: Use AAA*3pcs

    * Material: ABS

    * Weight: about 58G (without battery)

    * Lumen: about 500lm

    * Product size: 60*45*36mm



    Super Mini Size, Bright, Dazzling Effect.

    Red And White Dual Light Source.

    The Output Brightness Can Reach 500 Lumens (Max).

    Motion Sensing Function, Easy To Operate.

    Powered By 3*Aaa Batteries, Long Battery Life

    Suitable For Hunting, Biking, Climbing, Camping Outdoor Activities Etc.

    Note: Please Avoid Direct Contact With Eyes, Please Remember To Remove The Battery If It Is Not Used For A Long Time.


    Measured by Shenhuo Laboratory, the data may be changed due to different use environments.

    ✔Bright Up Your Work Place


    Featherweight, long runtime.Tiny yet mighty with max 500 lumens. Good visibility for kinds of jobs.

    ✔Outdoor Companion:

    Night Vision Preservation

    Eye-caring red light, reducing strain on your eyes during night-time use.Hiking, jogging, hands-free work, or sending a distress signal in an emergency. It covers most use scenarios.


    The dual switch design offers rapid and user-friendly operation.

    ✔Built-in switch sensor:

    Button and sensor dual controllable switch, so that the switch is more diversified.Switch modes and brightness with the top switch or with a wave of your hand.

    ✔ One second replacement:

    No longer have to worry about battery dead long charging wait time.

    ✔ Minimum weight design:


    Weightless to wear with the elastic and sweatproof headband.Take it to go jogging, camping or hiking with feeling next to nothing.

    ✔60° Adjustable & Wear with Ease:

    The weightless, elastic and sweat-proof headband for comfortable all-day use, and adjustable by 60° to aim exactly where you need.

    ✔ IP44 Waterproof

    No need to worry about the drizzle days.Slight rain water splashes do not affect the use of slight.


    1. Use environment: daily lighting, outdoor activities, camping, fishing, hiking, running, travel, rock climbing, etc.

    2. Powerful remote irradiation, light and portable, easy to operate.



    1. Strong light for emergency use
    2. Medium light for mountaineering
    3. Strobe for warning or defense
    4. SOS lights for self-defense or for help


    1. Do not install the battery upside down, or put it together with metal objects such as spoons
    2. When the battery is exhausted, please charge it as soon as possible, otherwise it will damage the battery, and the battery must be charged at least once a month when it is idle
    3. Please store the battery in a dry environment away from children
    4. If the battery leaks, please wash the contaminated skin and cloth with water immediately. If the condition is severe, consult a doctor.
    5. Please use a normal charger to charge
    6. Keep away from heat and fire sources, do not modify the battery
    7. The battery cannot be overcharged or overdischarged during use, please operate in strict accordance with the instructions for use.
    8. Do not disassemble the product by yourself to avoid short circuit.
    9. Do not use in an environment above 45°C.
    10. The flashlight uses a high-power chip to emit light, and heat (within 45°C) is a normal phenomenon, so there is no need to worry.
    11. It is forbidden to directly irradiate people’s glasses, which may cause temporary blindness

    12. Before use, check if there is an insulating film. Please remove the insulating film before use.

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